What We Do

We create Sales Messaging Systems.




Our goal is to provide professional sales tools to get your message across with consistency.

The Difference

We bring a “sales eye” to the table. With decades of sales, experience we know how to get a customer’s attention and keep it. Armed with this knowledge we tailor-make our sales tools specifically for you. We feel that when we design around you it becomes you. That is why we are different.

Art of Simple Explanation

We want your clients to quickly understand the high points and be compelled to know more. We distill your message and breathe life into it, creating a powerful package that rises above the noise of your competition. Our system also provides valuable feedback to enhance your sales efforts.


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Our System

Customized components for you.

 Message Control

Make sure all your people are saying the same thing. With the Sales Messaging System, you are able to craft the perfect sales message for both your green and experienced salespeople. Tweak this message at any time and it’s immediately updated across your sales force.

  Cross Platform

Bring your own device. It doesn’t matter if your clients are on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can reach them in a powerful way.


Real-time evolution. We know that things are always changing. Your message can now change as fast as your strategies do. Make edits in one place and they immediately take effect across all platforms. Simple as that.

 Brilliant Design

Capture your audience. Every piece of our system is designed to grab attention and hold on to it. Beautiful graphics, intuitive layouts, and strong calls to action pique the interest of your viewers and drive them to learn more.


Know what’s going on. Dive behind the scenes and track how your audience is responding to your message. See who is viewing it, for how long, and much more.


Supercharge it. Add fantastic features such as the Referral Generator, coupons, custom forms, e-commerce, and a host of other bells and whistles to take your system to the next level.

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About Us


  • Been in business since 2002Log Out
  • Located in Tampa, FL
  • Combined sales experience of 70+ years
  • Completed hundreds of projects
  • Satisfied clients in the thousands


The first seeds that led to today’s ISI Technologies were sown in the early 1990’s by President Tom Long. At that time, he was selling highly specialized machine tool equipment, with half-million-dollar price tags, to rooms filled with engineers. Looking for a way to set himself apart from competitors who had just preceded him, he created captivating, personalized, digital sales presentations.

In 1998, Tom decided to expand the techniques he developed to help other companies spread their messages more effectively. To push that vision forward, he pulled together a talented group of individuals that included gifted graphic designers, highly skilled IT professionals, and a marketing staff with over 70 combined years of sale industry experience.

For fifteen years, ISI Technologies developed vision and the dreams of their customers to create powerful sales messaging systems that have to be seen to fully understand their potential. If you haven’t already done so, please take a few moments to experience some of the web brochures in our showcase. Then use the contact form and let us show you what a compelling Sales Messaging system can do for your company. Check out our digital brochure showcase.

MARKETS Destination, Distribution, Events [Conferences, Fundraisers, Festivals, Church, Chamber, Corporate, Management, Invitation], Franchise [Franchisee Sales, Franchisor Development, Franchisor Press Kit, Franchisee App], Golf Courses, Individuals, Manufacturing, Membership, Non-Profit, Network Marketing, Organizations, Product, Real Estate, Services, Service Organizations, Professional Sports [PGA, NFL, Baseball, NASCAR, NHRA, Running], Telemarketing, Education, Volunteer Systems


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ISI Technologies & Deliver Media

  • Address: 3903 Northdale Blvd, Suite 280E, Tampa, FL 33624
  • Telephone: 813-448-3107
  • Email: info@delivermedia.net

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